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Welcome to Crawley Online's resources for schools. These resources are intended for use at Key Stages One and Two, in connection with local studies projects and modules.

To view, download or print any of these resources, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If the unlikely event that you do not already have this, you can download it from the adobe site here.

The resources are listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, you are free to use, download, copy & print these for educational purposes only.


Schools in Crawley
Listing of all Primary, Secondary and Special Schools in Crawley, including contact telephone numbers and, where available, websites.

CBC Coat of Arms
Crawley Borough Council have very kindly permitted us to display the council's coat of arms, and its accompanying description. The description explains the relevance of each feature of the arms.

A Brief History of Crawley
Read a brief history of Crawley. An ideal information source for the Primary Classroom, providing suitable information for creation of a cloze procedure for Literacy Hours.

The New Town Story
The information sheet provides a brief history of the introduction of the New Town in Crawley. It can be used in conjunction with the question sheet.

Coronation Festivities Programme
These pages form a recreated copy of the Programme of Festivities for Crawley in June 1911. It can be photocopied back-to-back to recreate a whole booklet.
Farms and Neighbourhoods
Three maps detailing the changes from Crawley as a farming are in 1948, to the 13 neighbourhoods of Spring 2000. Third map shows colours related to neighbourhood areas